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•for happiness•

You make me smile.


What the front of the card says:

This jewelry is a reminder that you bring joy to my life. Wear this to attract happiness, satisfaction, and joyous people to your life.


The back of the card gives more information about the gemstone used for the bracelet.


This bracelet is made with 100% genuine gemstones. It is elastic and one size fits most adult females and measures about 6.5-7 inches around.

for happiness - dalmatian jasper

  • Here are a few tips to make your jewelry last:

    1. Be careful when taking your jewelry on and off. All of our jewelry is pre-stretched, so it shouldn't break easily, but it doesn't hurt to take special care when wearing it.

    2. Do not swim, bathe, or shower with your jewelry on. Some beads are porous, like lava and rosewood, so you wouldn't want the beads to soak in anything unnecessarily.

    3. When you drop your phone in that impossible spot between your center console and your seat, make sure you protect your jewelry (take it off) before you dive in for it. They can take a lot, but this they cannot take. ;)

  • Because 100% genuine gemstone beads are a product of Mother Earth, no two beads are exactly the same. This means that every single piece of jewelry will be one-of-a-kind. This also means that the jewelry you receive will not be identical to the photo on the website. The exact same type of beads will be used, but there will be distinct variations in the beads that make what you receive completely, and beautifully unique.

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