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Let's Talk Gemstone Variations

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

One of the beautiful things about 100% natural gemstones beads is that every single bead is unique. You will never find two beads that are exactly the same. Therefore, you will never find two pieces of jewelry that are exactly the same, even when made from the exact same type of beads.

Color Variations

Some stones have a lot of color variations, giving us gemstone beads that are all different colors. The best example of this is amazonite. Amazonite has a lot of different color variations, from browns and blacks, to cool blue, green, and cream colors. (See image below).

I could create a brown bracelet and a blue bracelet all from the same string of amazonite beads.

All of the gemstone beads pictured are amazonite. Look at all of the different variations in the color and veining.

Some stones, like rose quartz, don't have very many color variations, making the beads look more uniform.

Cut and Finish

The type of finish and cut of the bead can also completely change how the beads look.

The picture below shows the difference between matte amazonite (the two bracelets on the left) and regular shiny amazonite (the two bracelets on the right).

The matte beads do not reflect light, while the regular shiny beads do. I think it completely changes the look of the bracelets.

Matte amazonite on the left. Shiny amazonite on the right. Same stone, different look.

Raw Gemstone Beads

You will also find jewelry with raw gemstone beads. These are beads that are made from a stone and not formed into a round bead, faceted, or polished. They are raw chunks with a hole drilled through them.

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