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I AM PEACE - the inspiration

The newest addition to my collection of lava + gemstone bracelets in my online shop are the I AM PEACE bracelets. They feature 100% genuine amethyst and sodalite beads paired with white lava beads.

What's the story?

You might have seen that in November of 2020 I released gift sets on my Facebook page that include one bracelet and two 1ml essential oil bottles. These gift sets are completely customizable - meaning you can pick any bracelet and any oils that you want to be in the set. (see below)

So many of you reached out on Facebook wanting to customize the sets for Christmas gifts (thank you!!) and time and time again I was asked "what is good for anxiety?".

When I did a pop-up shop at Xpressions Unique Boutique in downtown West Bend, I heard multiple customers talk about people they were buying gifts for who had anxiety or trouble sleeping due to anxiety.

I came home from that pop-up shop very eager to consult my Crystal for Beginners book by Karen Frazier. Her book features specific "prescriptions" for certain ailments and anxiety was one of them! She recommended sodalite, amethyst, AND lavender essential oil. This got me really excited to combine all three onto one lava + gemstone bracelet...and I must say the end result is stunning.

Thank you to all of the customers who have reached out and shared your experiences and asked me questions about what stones and oils will help with certain things. Without those inquiries and without you all wanting to make such thoughtful and meaningful gifts, this bracelet might not exist!

If you are looking for something that will help to ease anxiety, I highly recommend the I AM PEACE bracelet. You can then diffuse calming and soothing essential oils on it to amplify its healing energy.

Thank you for reading!


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