Handmade Lava Rock Bracelet | Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet


This handmade bracelet features:

-8 mm white lava beads

-8 mm 100% genuine moss agate gemstone faceted beads

-100% genuine moonstone gemstone faceted beads

-Very lightweight

-Beautiful variations of green, grey, and white 



Lava rock beads have small craters that absorb essential oils.  Apply your favorite essential oils on the black lava beads to get the theraputic benefits of the oils all day!  Lava is a very grounding rock, keeping you centered and self-aware.  



Moonstone is one of my favorite gemstones of all time.  It has an opalescent sheen called adularescense.  It is a protective stone.  It can aid in deciscion-making and rational thought.  It also offers protection during water and nighttime travel. (Frazier, Crystals for Beginners).  

Moon Moss

  • Here are a few tips to make your jewerly last:

          1. Careful when taking your jewerly on and off. All of our jewelry is pre-stretched, so it shouldn't break easily, but it doesn't hurt to take special care when wearing it.

          2. Do not swim, bathe, or shower with your jewerly on. Lava is pourous, so you wouldn't want the lava beads to soak in anything unneccisarily. 

          3. When you drop your phone in that impossible spot between your center console and your seat, make sure you protect your jewelry (take it off) before you dive in for it. They can take a lot, but this they cannot take :)