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  • How do I take care of my lava jewelry?
    Here are a few tips to make your jewelry last: 1. Careful when taking your jewelry on and off. All of our jewelry is pre-stretched, so it shouldn't break easily, but it doesn't hurt to take special care when wearing it. 2. Do not swim, bathe, or shower with your jewelry on. Lava is porous, so you wouldn't want the lava beads to soak in anything unnecessarily. 3. When you drop your phone in that impossible spot between your center console and your seat, make sure you protect your jewelry (take it off) before you dive in for it. They can take a lot, but this they cannot take :)
  • What brand of essential oils should I use on my jewelry?
    It's more important to use quality essential oils than to focus on a brand. I have used Eden's Garden, Far & Wild, Young Living, doTERRA, and Rocky Mountain Oils. Any brand of essential oils will work with the lava jewelry in my shop. However, it is important to do research on the different essential oil brands and make sure you are using a brand that uses 100% pure essential oils. Some brands use additives that aren't natural.
  • Do you accept custom orders or special sizing requests?
    Yes! Please contact me!
  • Where do you get your beads?
    I buy from a shop in Brookfield, WI, called Eclectica. I also have a few favorite shops on Etsy that I order from. I try and support small businesses as much as possible.
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